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Do you need a bank account in a foreign country?

Both companies and individuals can benefit from the worldwide connections network established by CFG, in order to open a bank account in different countries around the world. This procedure does not require the clients' attendance at the bank. CFG's professional team will carry out for you all the procedures required to open a bank account, with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


Bank accounts can be opened for normal business banking in the following jurisdictions:
Cyprus, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Singapore, St. Vincent.

Bank accounts for private banking can be opened in the following jurisdictions:
Switzerland, Monaco.

It is important to bear in mind that opening a bank account in a jurisdiction other than your homeland can be quite a difficult task, requiring dealing with:

A request for an introducer known to the bank officials.
Due diligence request.
Multiple forms to understand and complete.
Many documents to present.
Language difficulties.
Acquaintance with the local culture, expectations, etc.
Acquaintance with the local legislation, regulations, procedures, etc.

CFG offers a professional service, based on accumulated knowledge and connections that will ease the way for bank account opening.

Our bank account opening service includes:

Recommending the optimal bank suited for the clients' needs (both in business and private banking).
Accurate explanation about the required forms and documents to be provided by the client.
Assistance in completing the required forms.
Sending the set of documentation to the bank.
Informing the clients about the bank account opening, its number and the contact person in the bank.


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