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    An Offshore Company is one which has its main activity in a jurisdiction that is different from that in which it was incorporated.

    Forming a company, outside the jurisdiction in which it will operate, has many advantages, both commercial and financial:

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To enable activity in various jurisdictions, without revealing the Israeli identity of the company's owners.
To enable anonymous activity, without revealing the identity of the company’s owners to competitors.
Maintaining confidentiality of the financial data.
Tax considerations.
Selecting jurisdictions which do not require the filing of financial reports.
Legal frameworks for on-line businesses are available.
Formation jurisdictions, that meet the needs of the company regarding the local regulations, can be found.
In certain jurisdictions, an Offshore Company provides a convenient legal frame work for real estate activities.
In some jurisdictions, an Offshore Company provides a convenient legal structure for patents and trademarks registration.
An Offshore Company enables optimization of the benefits accruing from royalties, patents, sales commissions & fees, interest, revenues etc. 


CFG will be happy to assist you in optimizing your benefits from Offshore Company formations all over the world.


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