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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is it possible to form a company abroad without being physically present in the country?

Yes. CFG, throughout its wide spectrum of agents' network, can, in almost every country, form a company without the necessity of the client present.


Is it possible to open a bank account without being physically present in the bank?

Yes. CFG is the official introducer of many banks and therefore can assist its clients to open a bank account without the necessity of attending the bank.


Is the identity of the company's share holders/owners confidential?

The answer to this question varies from one country to another. CFG will be happy to provide the accurate details upon request.


 Is it possible to form a company without revealing the owners identity?

In the majority of the countries the owners' identity must be stated upon company formation.


Is it compulsory to open a bank account in the country where the company is formed?

No. Such limitation doesn't exist and bank location is entirely up to the client's wish.


 Is it possible to form a company or open a bank account without attending your office?

As much as we would like to meet personally with every client, it's possible to abstain from being present at our office.


If a company is registered in a country where there's a requirement to file financial reports, will you be able to assist?

Yes. In such countries our local agent, who in many cases is an accountant, will be happy to assist.


How long does it take to complete company formation?

To this question there isn't one answer. In some countries the process takes a couple of weeks and in others a few days.


Is a due diligence necessary?

Yes. A due diligence is obligatory - both for company formation and for bank account opening. The exact requirements differ from one country to another.

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